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New Moscow: the new low-cost facilities

By seyom “Analytical Consulting Center Miel” in April 2011 the volume of supply of new buildings was 277 (04%) This appeared to push the 13 new buildings and 12 sites transferred to the discharge side of housing push. Structural improvements that have occurred as a result of the birth of new objects (mostly economy-and secondary classes) and passing the shock loaded objects (belonging to the invaluable business-class) called a formal reduction in bid price. In April, the weighted average rate deals fell by 18%, and amounted to 1934 thousand rubles. / Sq. M. Srednevzveshennaya rate deals in dollar terms decreased by -46%., The biggest price gain was observed in new economy class – at the expense of the outcome desirable enough to push for this segment of the objects. In effect, the weighted average rate proposals for such holes was 1275 thousand rubles. / Sq. M (49%) Weighted average rate proposals in new secondary class has grown by 06%. The relatively low level of prices in this segment due to the outcome of a push new proposals on the morning stage of the device (about 10% of the supply segment) In the segment of business-class housing average rate proposal has not undergone any tangible improvement (-07%) “In April, the structural improvement in newly promoted to the formal offer matching reduction in the price level predlozheniya.V nearby a few months, due to the moored round unheated leaves, which may decrease the activity of consumers. However, in the round in 2011, we expect a gradual deterioration in the bid prices – about 1% per month “, – said Vladislav Lutskov, General Director of” ASC Miel. ” “Today, developers are actively practicing the output object to the sale of not less than 50 percent availability. This tactic is used in various segments, but in economy class in particular, because here is dominated by prefabricated panel houses. Due to this facility is available for sale at a fairly high-readiness formations and is the peak of the matter. In the old year and present the most unbearably more expensive items, possessing a number of nodal parameters. First, it is notable objects, tested, already proven developers who enjoy the confidence of consumers. Second, objects that are typographical devices the pace. Third, objects, owning a chain of glitzy sensory characteristics. Thus, one of the trends of the past was to enhance the sensory characteristics of the projects is. Developers propose corrections to the hole, more hobbies pay pridomovoy improvement of land and public areas of the house that used in the economy class was not a priority.